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  • Nicole Maffei

My First Photo Exhibits

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Recently, I was reminiscing about my first photo exhibits - the first one was at the Bronxville Public Library in December 2016 and the second one was at the John C. Hart Memorial Library in July 2017. Thank you to those who stopped by and viewed my artwork!

2nd photo exhibit at the John C. Memorial Library in Shrub Oak, New York

2nd photography exhibit at the John C. Memorial Library in Shrub Oak, New York.

"Captured Memories" was the title of both of these exhibits. Photographs give people the ability to physically hold a memory in their hands and to revisit that cherished memory. That is one of the reasons why photography is a passion of mine.

20+ photos were featured in both exhibits, with every photograph having a story behind it. There was no particular theme to these exhibits - in fact it's a pretty colorful portfolio of random subjects, such as flowers, animals (my personal favorite), landscapes, and more. I hope to expand my portfolio and photograph a higher variety of subjects.

In the future, I plan to hold another photo exhibit with a specialized theme this time. Stay tuned!

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