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  • Nicole Maffei

Dogs - Enough Said :)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

If you know me well, I could talk about dogs for hours. I'm pretty much obsessed with them - it's safe to say they are my favorite animal :)

As a kid, I would beg my parents to buy me dog books and encyclopedias. I would read about each dog breed closely to learn about their particular behaviors, temperaments, physical traits, and genetic diseases. I have always wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, and that dream finally came true when I was fourteen years old.

An Australian Shepherd mix named Mala walked into my life. I remember when I first laid my eyes on her, I thought to myself, "An orange puppy?" - I couldn't recall seeing or reading about a breed of dog that had orange fur. She was beautiful and unique, inside and outside. She was shy but affectionate with us, and very smart. She was energetic and very active, and loved going on walks and playing, whether it meant running around in the house or yard or playing with her toys. I also couldn't stop photographing her (even though she was camera shy, too - she would turn her head away from the camera lens! Of course, she was rewarded with a treat when she cooperated).

A year later, we thought Mala needed a four-legged friend in the house, so we adopted a giant German Shepherd puppy named Carina (we often called her Riri). She didn't mind being photographed as much as Mala did (maybe because she knew that she would be rewarded with treats after staying still for the camera! Which is an awesome tip I learned about photographing dogs. Be sure to monitor the number of treats you give to a dog while trying to photograph them. Patience is also key in photographing any animal).


Riri was a beautiful gentle giant - she had a big heart and was very friendly. She loved being outside, whether it meant running around the yard with Mala, taking walks, or simply resting on the grass under a shady spot on a sunny day. Although Mala and Riri were complete opposites of each other (with looks and personalities), they became the best of friends - practically sisters. I am grateful to have captured some beautiful (and funny) moments of them on camera.

We adopted Ana, an Alaskan Malamute puppy, from the local shelter. She loves taking walks, squeaking her squeaky toys, sprinting and playing in the backyard, and belly rubs (especially belly rubs, I have never seen a dog ask for so many belly rubs). She loves being the center of attention and doesn't seem to mind being photographed. Another awesome dog that we are lucky to have.


Also, please adopt don't shop! You can find all sorts of beautiful dogs in animal shelters. Did you know that, according to the Humane Society, 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred? Save a life by adopting!

Thanks for reading :)

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